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About us

CPC have been supplying quality cups and packaging to Australia for over 15 years.

Being heavily associated with cafes and restaurant culture, we understand that the end of the Quality Chain is the package! That the hard work our customers put into their product, can be affected by the quality of ours.

Therefore, our mission is simple… to honor the product you put in the packaging, by ensuring it is delivered right!

You can find this mindset in our carefully selected product range, sourced with this goal in mind. Our in-house cup designs are simple, fit for purpose and durable, bolstered by our 100% biodegradable ‘My Earth Range’. Our team firmly believe in a greener industry and are proud to support that.


Want that same quality with a custom design? We got you covered here too. Our custom design service can help you showcase your business and grow brand awareness while maintaining that top to bottom quality.

We look forward to working with you!